Wearne Rd to Dwellingup Itinerary: 3-Days - Close to Perth

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

HIKE QUICK SUMMARY - All you need to know to go:

Length: ~67km/3 days ( 2 overnights)

Difficulty Level: moderate - day one and two both have decent elevation gain, but then the second part of day two is all downhill, day three is easy.

Start Point: Wearne Rd - Head towards North Bannister on Albany Hwy, turn down Wearne Rd (gravel) and drive about 1km where you will see the track cross the road. Approx coordinates:

Terminus: Dwellingup Information Centre - or better yet, the Dwellingup Hotel for a snack and beer. They are essentially right next to each other.

Logistics: multiple options

  • Get someone to drop off and pick you up.

  • Go with 2 cars- drop one in the car park next to the Dwellingup Hotel, and then drive to Wearne Rd with the second and park a bit higher up from where the trail crosses the road. Obviously comes with a risk to your vehicle, so don't leave valuables in your car!

  • Combine the above options - leaving a car in Dwellingup is likely safer than on Wearne Rd.

Overnight Stay: Night 1 - White Horse Hill Shelter/ Night 2 - Chadoora Shelter. There is no need to take a tent, but obviously, there is a small risk that you won't get a spot in the shelter. Chadoora has more sleeping space (~8beds) than White Horse Hill (~4beds). If going on a long weekend or a weekend during spring, then consider carrying a shelter.

Break Points/POI: Day 1 -Top of Boonerring Hill / Day 2 - Granite Outcrops just after white horse hill - camp on top for a break!, more granite outcrops, Top of Mt Wells Day and the Old Fire Warden's Hut (could be haunted)/ Day 3 - Old Well -200m From Chadoora Hut/Tourist Train Station

Water Sources: Water tanks @ White Horse Hill, Mt Wells, Chadoora ( <20km between each). Carry about 2L of water between the huts - more if it's hot or you sweat a lot.

Food Resupply: Carry from the start

Can you Make Fire: Restricted to some parts of the year - CHECK here for bans BEFORE you go. ALWAY exercise extreme caution, but usually allowed between May and September. See the Bibbulmun Track Foundation FAQ section for more information. LEAVE NO TRACE RULES APPLY.

Recommended Equipment/Clothing: Mosquito repellent, Warm sleeping bag in cooler months, warm jumper - can get cold at night even when still summer. Personal Locator Beacon, Camera!, Hat - there are some exposed areas.

I quite like the idea of using a natural mosquito repellant, perhaps does not work as well, but we all know deet isn't exactly harmless. Click below to try one that also plastic free.

Time of Year: any time is fine, in summer and even in autumn, it can be scorching, making hill climbing quite tiresome. There is also a risk of water tanks being empty in summer or early autumn if it's been a dry summer.

Navigation: Use the yellow Bibbulmun Trail Wagul markers. You can all so use "all trails" or the Bibbulmum Track Maps (Map 2)

Mobile Reception Coverage: Vodaphone Network - poorly, occasionally at the top of the hills, Telstra - Okay, coverage at both camps.

Hazards: Water contamination - mosquito larvae and who-know-what other bugs can be in the shelter tanks (you can drink it untreated at your own risk). Mosquitos at White Horse Hill Campsite - honestly, I had about 100 bites here.

Flora and Fauna: Kangaroo, emus (and their poop), lizards, grass trees (quite spectacular ones), wildflowers in spring and later winter.

Highlights: top of the hill just after White Horse Hill campsite (about 40min), amazing amounts of grass trees, gorgeous forest.

Nadirs: Mount Wells - the hill is steep and quite challenging. Avoid in the heat of the day.


Day 1: Wearne Rd to White Horse Hill Campsite

  • Travel and drop of cars in the morning if required.

  • Start about lunchtime from Wearn Rd walk to White Horse Hill Campsite ~15km

  • Time: takes about 4 to 5 hours

  • Watch - there is an easily missed marker along a 4WD road here

Day 2: White Horse Hill Campsite to Chadoora Campsite

  • Morning: White Horse Hill to Mt Wells ~16km/4 hours.

Stop about 40min after departing White Horse Hill to Soak in the view!

Make your way down into the forest for a lovely stroll stop where it's quite flat

about 3 hours in.

Tackle Mount Wells - its quite steep feel free to take a break when needed

  • Lunch at Mout Wells - take a nap in the hut or climb up to the first level of the observation tower.

  • Afternoon: Mount Wells to Chadoora ~15.8km/4 hours.

The forest is truly spectacular in this section: walk through tall trees and dense

populations of grass trees.

Once you hit the powerlines, it is not too far from the campsite. There are some

emu's living here.

Day 3: Chadoora Campsite to Dwellingup

  • Morning: ~20km/4 hours. It's quite an easy walk and has a predominantly gentle downward slope.

  • Break - at the tourist train station - it's about 10km/2 hours in. There is a toilet here.

  • Arrive at Dwellingup - refresh yourself with a lunchtime beer and a great meal at the pub.

VIEWS: and Sam's arm falling of...

This cup features Chadoora Shelter - get your reminder now.

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